Episode 48: Hablando con la Irrepetible Laura Om

Intro/Outro in English. Conversation with Laura Om in Spanish.

For this episode, I had the opportunity to meet with an artist who's found her vocation as a hairstylist and color expert to inspire other women to feel empowered. Laura Om is the owner of Om Studio and B de Burro, and what was Pal Cielo in La Calle Loiza. She has an active and well followed instagram page containing photos of her many travels as well as many samples of her work specializing in curly hair. 

I knew Laura somewhat from some years ago as we have some folks in common, but I know her mostly from her colorful wardrobes, the various ways in which she wears her hair, and the successful businesses  she's had over the years,

We talked about how she began in her various ventures, her California experience, about maranta power, and more.

Monica Morales

Intensity mixed with fire, enthusiasm combined with artistic expression, forward thinking yet historically dramatic... A doer, an idea maker, a talker and thinker... always needing to do more movement, to make more music and to live with inspiration.