Episode 41: Conociendo a Tio Louie de Prime Latino Media

English and some spanglish.

My conversation with Louis Perego Moreno took place in lovely West Village in New York City. He welcomed me as if we'd known each other a long time, and truly it almost felt like he was an uncle, hence Tio Louis, which immediately clicked. We talked about his background in the Bronx, his career as a documentary filmmaker and his initiative in putting Prime Latino Media together, a network of Latino artists, mediamakers, actors and musicians.

Our conversation naturally included the situation in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the role the diaspora is playing in finding solutions and creating a better future for Puerto Rico.

The music throughout the episode and in the ñapita musical are by Richard Martinez.


Monica Morales

Intensity mixed with fire, enthusiasm combined with artistic expression, forward thinking yet historically dramatic... A doer, an idea maker, a talker and thinker... always needing to do more movement, to make more music and to live with inspiration.