Episode 29: Conversations with Leo - (Post Hurricane Irma, Pre Hurricane Maria)

English. After Hurricane Irma passed some 60 miles north of San Juan, PR, many were let without electricity, including my little brother Leo. Luckily I had my power back sooner, so my brother stayed over and we finally had the chance to record one of the many conversations we often have. This time we talked about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma through the Caribbean, about electrical power, we even talked a little politics and policies. We often went off on tangents and talked about liberals, conservatives, libertarians, rebuilding, and a hodge podge of other subjects. We recorded this a few days before learning that a new hurricane, Hurricane Maria was due to either come through or very close to Puerto Rico. 

The napita musical is a mix called PWR, that my brother, Leo, who's a professional DJ did. Enjoy the conversation!

Monica Morales

Intensity mixed with fire, enthusiasm combined with artistic expression, forward thinking yet historically dramatic... A doer, an idea maker, a talker and thinker... always needing to do more movement, to make more music and to live with inspiration.