Episode 13: Speaking of Dance with Ana Varona

Espanol y un poco Spanglish. Ana Varona is a fellow LMT who has been dancing since she can remember. We talked a bit about her experience returning to Puerto Rico after 40 years l esiving in the U.S. She shared some of her trajectory and philosophized a bit about dance and movement. She described some of the challenges involved in dance and described how movement is connected to healing and health and life... La napita musical es de nuestra invitada del episodio 11, Brenda Hopkins Miranda y su cancion 'La Ruta Interior/The Inner Path',

Monica Morales

Intensity mixed with fire, enthusiasm combined with artistic expression, forward thinking yet historically dramatic... A doer, an idea maker, a talker and thinker... always needing to do more movement, to make more music and to live with inspiration.