Episode 33: Volunteering for Puerto Rico

English and some Spanish. Puerto Rico's recovery relies largely on the volunteering efforts of individuals and community groups based within the island, as well as outside the island and the diaspora. In this episode, I had a chance to meet with Samantha, Paul and Martha, three of the people I know who are traveling to Puerto Rico to volunteer their time and energy to assist the families in need. Paul is a childhood friend who reached out to me to offer his time and resources to Puerto Rico, as he's always wanted to go and it is where his parents are from. Samantha and Martha recently met and clicked right away as their love for the island inspired them to create the volunteer organization, Sistehood of Faith. Coincidentally, all three of my guests are heading to Puerto Rico from different spots on the  day of this episode's upload. We recently had the opportunity to meet in a coffee shop in NYC and discuss their upcoming trip and talk a little about Puerto Rico.

For donations to the Sisterhood of Faith go to: https://www.gofundme.com/puertoricovolunteer

The snipets of music throughout the episode are from Brenda Hopkins Miranda's (our guest from episode 11) most recent album, titled Puentes. Available in cdbaby and Amazon and at http://brendahopkinsmusic.com/

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